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D-SOAR PLUS | Super high productivity brings stronger market competitiveness

D-SOAR PLUS Ultra high power laser cutting machine

D-SOAR PLUS ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine is an upgraded version of D-SOAR series, which is specially configured for high-end customers. The machine has the characteristics of higher cutting accuracy, faster speed, easier operation, lower use cost, etc.

Power : 20000W-8000W

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European craft  standard machine tool

D-SOAR PLUS series machine tools originates Bystronic technical guidance design, manufactured strictly in accordance with European standard machine tool technology standards.  

The professional technical team of Bystronic headquarters test and experiment the equipment personally with higher stability, better cutting quality and faster cutting speed.


 Exclusively customized operating system

This system is a kind of high-end intelligent bus system customized and developed for 8kw and above ultra-high power fiber laser cutting requirements.

It has the characteristics of stable and reliable, convenient deployment, simple debugging, safe production, rich functions, excellent performance, etc.; it supports and provides modularization, personalization, automation, information scheme.

◆ High-speed cross beam, fast as lightning

DS + crossbeam is made of aviation aluminum open steel by die casting.  

It is strictly annealed by numerical control at high temperature, with intensified strength and less weight. load is reduced.


◆ Dust suction design: separated funnels

Inner-located suction unit adopted to achieve powerful suctioning capacity:

It provides healthy working environment, ensure safety in production.

It is absorbing the smoke and dust generated during processing, runs a automatically when cutting started.

It reduces the possibility of direct thermal deformation of machine structure.


◆ Double side door with sensor

The side door to access the rear part of the cutting sheet and correct the cutting parts during the operation. The side door also used by detection, maintenance and inspection.


◆ High precision constant temperature and humidity control system

temperature and humidity control system, which has refrigeration function and normal temperature maintenance function, and prevents atomization effect and focus shifting,  

ensures the stable production of the machine, effectively guarantees the efficient and stable operation of the laser, and prolongs the service life of the laser generator.



Laser Source

Imported original fiber laser sources(optional)

Laser Power

8000W    10000W    12000W    15000W    20000W

X-axis Gantry

High Speed Gantry (optional)

Working Table

Hydraulic Shuttle Table(optional)

Working Stroke

2000x4000/2500x6000/2000x6000/2500x8000mm(actual size shall be prevail)

Max. Cutting Speed

Depending on metal type and thickness

Power Supply


CNC system

EtherCAT Bus Controlling System

Footprint Size

9000x5000mm as per the working stroke of 1500x3000mm

Cut sample

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