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D-Solar | Super High Stability Brings Stronger Market Competitiveness

D-Solar Ultra High Power Laser Cutting Machine

D-Solar series ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine is the 7th-generation product newly launched by Bystronic DNE Laser, with the advanced laser cutting technology guidance of Bystronic headquarters, it provides customers with stable performance, reduced sheet waste, and improved production capacity.

Laser Power: 6000W-15000W

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 It can cut various thickness metal plates such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, nickel plate and manganese plate.

◆ Good cutting quality, High precision, Fast speed, and best efficiency.

 Low cost, fast return on investment.

◆ Custom-developed cutting software system:

Support Auto CAD software DXF graphics format, Bysoft7 software PART graphics format.

Simplify the work and operate the entire cutting program faster and more conveniently.

More Flexible, even inexperienced users can easily master the cutting program.

Security and stability, a variety of features to ensure reliable operation of the cutting process.



Laser Source

Fiber laser sources(optional)


2060 /  2560  /  2580

Power of Laser

8000W / 10000W  / 12000W / 15000W

Max. Cutting Speed

Depending on the material and its thickness

Repositioning Accuracy


Total Electrical Consumption

<115kw  /  <90kw  /  <80kw  /  <60kw

Power supply



16,500mm*5,500mm for cutting 2,000mm*6,000mm

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