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Tube Cutting Machine with semi-auto loading and unloading system

D-FAST fiber laser cutting machine is a product developed for the profile and tube cutting market, using the latest independent research and development EtherCAT type CNC laser cutting system, realizing control of tubes support device and chuck, etc. The machine can make cutting, opening, contour cutting of round tubes, square tubes, “U” shape tubes, “I” shape tubes, and special profile tubes etc. The tubes are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. it’s a special tube cutting machine with high automation, high efficiency and high-cost performance.

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Wide Cutting Applications

Applied in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other metal type cutting


◆ Special Profiles

Applied in cut U-shaped, L-shaped, I-beam, rectangular, oval and other irregular profile and tube types cutting


 ◆ Auto Pneumatic Chucks

The tube cutting machine is highlighted with excellent tightness and motional characteristics, the chucks can stably clamp a variety of tube materials as square, round, oval, flat, triangular, L-shaped, I-beam


Semi-auto unloading function

Users are allowed to load raw materials maximum 800KG at one single time by tube carrier or forklift.The semi-auto loading system can auto adjust tubes according to preset cutting program. None manual engagement is required throughout the entire loading process.

Auto unloading function

None manual blanking is required as per unloading device and auto tail tube processing function


◆ Powerful and User-friendly Nesting software

Professional tube cutting software and matching nesting software are implemented to draw graphics or text at will or instant processing, giving handy processing, simple and easy using experience.


◆ Over loading weight and unloading tube length

Maximum weight of single tube up to 300KG, can realize loading and unloading of overlong tubes



Laser Source

Imported original fiber laser sources(optional)

Laser Power

1000W  2000W  3000W(optional)

Materials Type

Stainless steel, Carbon steel and other material tubes in round, square, rectangular, angel steel, “U” shape, “I” shape, other special

Cutting speed

Depending on the material and its thickness

Length of Tube


Cutting Size

Tubes φ15-220mm,Square tubes 15×15-150×150mm

Positioning Accuracy of Axes X & Y 


Repositioning Accuracy of Axes X & Y 


Maximum Positioning Speed of Axes X & Y

240 Round/Min

Working Stroke of Axes A1 & A2


Positioning Accuracy of Axes A1 & A2


Repositioning Accuracy of Rotation Axis U

≤5 Arc

Power Supply


Footprint Size

9000x5000mm as per the working stroke of 1500x3000mm

Cut sample

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