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D-Win T3 Professional Fiber Laser tube Cutting Machine

DNE’s three-chuck fiber laser pipe cutting machine adopts three-chuck design, one-key centering, multiple clamping and cutting methods, basically realize zero cutting, improve material utilization rate and save cost.

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◆ It can be used for U-shaped groove, L-shaped steel, I-shaped steel and other metal materials  such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etcRectangular pipe, elliptical pipe and  other special-shaped pipes and profiles are cut.

◆ Fully automatic centering chuck, good sealing and movement characteristics, stable clamping.

◆ "Zero tailings" cutting, saving material costs.

◆ Three chucks design, cutting more flexible.

◆ High cutting quality, precision, speed and efficiency.

◆ Low use cost and quick return on investment.

◆ Easy to use cutting nesting software.

◆ Auto loading and Semi-auto loading system are optional

Laser Source

Raycus or IPG

Power of Laser


Laser wavelength


Diameter of chuck

220mm, 320mm

Tube length

6M, 9M

Cut-off workpiece

2M, 4M

Applicable graphic formats


X、Y-axis repeated positioning accuracy


Reposi U-axis rotation positioning accuracy

≤5 arc minutes

Cut sample

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