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DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)—— a laser brand inheriting Swiss manufacturing DNA

Published:2020-02-21 Browse:53Editor in charge:DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)

  Switzerland has long been known as the "country of trademarks", where craftsman spirit has constantly flourished for hundreds of years. "Made in Switzerland" has become a synonym for high quality, bringing huge added value to products and enabling them to earn powerful international competitiveness.

  As a successful Sino-Euro joint venture enterprise between DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) Group, a globally prestigious laser equipment supplier and Shenzhen DNE Laser, an excellent enterprise supplying fiber laser cutting machines in China, DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) has fully infiltrated ‘Made in Swiss’ genes, technology product excelsior into every element of R&D, manufacturing and sales during course of constant development. It is this very kind of gene inheritance that has created the good market reputation and sales performance of fiber laser cutting machine from DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic).  



      Strive for perfection

  In line with ‘Made in Swiss’ pursuing perfection in every aspect, DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) owns countless excelsior stories in producing laser cutting machines. For instance, manual brushing work is applied in machine bed painting process, which is 20 times less efficient than spray gun. However, the turtle-speed craft is able to guarantee anti-rust and fastness of the bed for 20 years, earning customer’s ‘Rest Assured’ state of mind when using the machine. ‘product manufacturing shall withstand slow process, due to which product and name will never fade’ as quoted from QC principal at DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic).  

For a decade and more, DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) has been focusing on one thing only, making the best fiber laser cutting machine. Looking at current processing industry where application of laser is more diversified than ever, Bystronic has not involved into laser marking, welding, surface treatment and so forth not because of technical or conditional limitations, but has focused on doing one thing only and doing it well enough. Embracing the concept of striving for perfection with unflagging patience , DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) constantly challenge internally for keeping innovation and craftsman spirit all the time when finest product is carved.


  Adhering to the culture of excellence

Quality equals to social responsibility, gene of which has been deeply rooted at DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic). It reflects highest pursuit of excellence in product and technology. The manifestation of this gene is nothing but to do everything and every production process well, to pay more attentions to production and processing as well as the details of products and finally to be more patient.

Staffs of DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) summarize their works on daily and weekly basis. Each production procedure has been constantly improved and promoted thanks to accumulative practical experience. Each post focusing on one thing only with all concentrations, the rigorous, prudent and orderly gene of which has penetrated into every element and thus evolved into company culture and tradition of DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic). To enterprises as DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic), the market is admittedly important but there is neither rush to grow nor a short-term return. Instead, ensuring the vitality and innovation of the enterprise is the target. Staying away from being impetuous, or opportunistic, bending over polishing each process finest and adhering to excellence, is the only patch to accomplish "century-aged workshop."

  Dare to innovate

Of course, the spirit of concentration, professionalism, and rigor do not mean imprisonment. Possessing innovative genes ‘Made in Switzerland’ in the high-tech field of laser applications, DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) is a big hub of resource for innovation as laser companies without innovation and development will be eliminated by the market in no time. Once rated as " Shenzhen Innovation Times Enterprise of 2015" and "National High-tech Enterprise" in 2017, DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) has successfully developed its own core optical lens group significantly improving the utilization of light, leading the industry by excellent product performance.

All above are attributed to DNE valuing R & D team of nearly 100 staffs , which is the engine of DNE's innovation and progress. A remarkable feature of DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)’s innovative genes and capabilities is customer-oriented in terms of needs and experience and creating greater use value for customers and society. shuttle tables exchange on fiber laser cutting machine DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) offers takes 8 seconds only and cutting performance of cutter head DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) develops is improved by 20 to 30% thanks to its distinctive development capabilities of core optical lens. Product innovation and R & D at DNE has always been oriented to customer needs and targeted at significantly improving productivity for customers. The new generation of D-FAST fiber laser cutting machine series, featured as more humane design and more excellent operating system, higher speed and efficient cutting capability, more accurate control and lower operating cost (6-9kw/h per hour as power consumption), more stable service life (laser life of over 100,000 hours), continuously improves the performance of laser cutting machine, letting users access high-speed, reliable and convenient laser cutting equipment, more scientific ergonomic design, more elaborately polished machine bed, better quality and thoughtful service. Grasping everything from details, the focus of DNE innovation lies on how to help customers get a better user experience through intelligent approaches.

Shenzhen DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) integrates technology from Swiss Bystronic and infiltrates the genes of the Swiss craftsmanship " craftsman spirit", existing in the essence of product, culture, service and enterprises. By which DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) is honing for excellency and marching ahead along the path of laser cutting machine manufacturing.