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Industry Breakthrough Aid: Blockbuster launch of D-SOAR PLUS series ultra high power laser cutting machine

Published:2020-04-26 Browse:184Editor in charge:DNE LASER

— DS+ultra high power laser cutting machine—

(Customized power and working area are available to customers’ specific requirements, accessing to applications in more industries )

Exclusively customized operating system, smart and efficient

More stable performance, reliable operation, efficient cutting, flexible applications

Hydraulic elevating shuttle table, fast,stable and reliable

High-speed hydraulic shuttle table can bear heavier and thicker plates while maintain stability.

High speed gantry, fast as lightning

High strength, light weight and dual motor drives further improve acceleration, moving faster than ever

Dust-removal system, environmentally friendly and safer  

Separated vent funnels, strong suction, efficient dust removal, impact of heating on machine bed is significantly minimized

Business type double side-sliding doors, secure, smart and user-friendly

Unique design of business type double side-sliding doors offers convenience in maintenance, inspection, material pickup, overhaul repair; Machine stops when opening either side to guarantee safe production.