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Introduction of DNE Laser automatic loading and unloading system

Published:2020-05-25 Browse:387Editor in charge:DNE LASER

The fiber laser cutting machine has the ability to process a large amount of sheet metal every day, and ensuring that the materials are transferred at any time is essential to improve production efficiency. Although sufficient operator staffing can achieve this goal, the labor cost remains high, or no one is available due to special circumstances (such as the new crown epidemic), which is a problem that plagues business owners.

DNE Laser automatic loading and unloading system is an excellent solution to this problem.

DNE Laser Automatic loading and unloading system


The silo tower can be loaded with multiple layers of materials, which can be used for a long time in one load, avoiding the frequent calls of forklifts and manpower.


The feed car moves the material to the bottom of the elevator, and the vacuum suction cup of the elevator sucks the material (protected by the tines under the material), and then moves to the working platform of the laser cutting machine. The suction of the vacuum suction cup is stable, and the tines provide double protection.


After the laser cutting machine completes the cutting and the dual platforms are automatically exchanged, the elevator picks up the waste and moves it to the feed truck to complete the automatic cutting process.

The entire loading and unloading process is automatically controlled by the system without manual operation.

The advantages brought by the automatic loading and unloading system are obvious. The realization of one person operating multiple machines not only saves a lot of manpower costs for the enterprise, brings higher efficiency and throughput, but also greatly enhances the ability to respond to changes in the market environment.

DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) cutting machine with automatic loading and unloading system will bring strong market competitiveness to metal processing enterprises, achieve high output, high quality, low cost, automation, intelligence and intensiveness, and seize the opportunity for users in fierce competition , Take the top spot!