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Safety guideline for the machine operation

Published:2020-10-23 Browse:8Editor in charge:DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)

The design has been considered about the safety measures to guarantee the safety of the operator and the machine. However, some movements like rule-breaking operation and inadequate irregularities, restructuring may cause some personal injury or equipment damage.

General Requirements:

Only operators who have been conducted and know fully about the safe operating procedures are allowed to operate the equipment. And certain warnings shall be released around the working area according to local safety regulations for these machines.  

Optical security:

Warning: there is a possibility that the laser radiation will cause eyes injuries, and even blind. Thus, it’s forbidden to watch the laser beam directly. And being exposed to the high power laser radiation may cause harm to eyes and skin. When the machine is working, everyone should wear laser goggles or laser glasses. The most important thing is these protective equipment is suitable for all laser wavelengths! The laser wavelength of this laser machine has been noted on the laser radiation warning and category labels and the above requirements must be executed compulsively by the management process. 

Eye protection related information is noted in the laser radiation warning and category labels. Even though eye protection device is wore, it’s forbidden to watch the laser beam or any reflective laser beam directly, otherwise it may cause blindness. Make sure the laser beam will not irradiate to reflective objects. (Attention: personal jewellery can be potential dangerous.) It’s suggested that make sure the laser will not be located in the same level with people’s eyes and the laser will not irradiate to the entrance of rooms. Attention: it’s also forbidden to let laser beam flash out the window. The beam may irradiate some visible radiations with potential harm after having interactions with some materials. Some appropriate protective measures must be taken under such cases.