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Efficient dust removal method for metal laser cutting machine

Published:2020-11-04 Browse:3Editor in charge:DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)

For equipment that requires very high cutting precision like metal laser cutting machines, every small factor may influence results. In the long-term daily use, we not only need to repair and maintain the metal laser cutting machine but also do a good job of dust removal. So how could the dust be removed quickly and efficiently? You must master these dust removal methods!

1. How to clean the condenser

For the metal laser cutting machine system, the best state of cooling capacity is to use a condenser for cooling, which can instantly cool down the temperature of the processed material and equipment. The method of cleaning the dust on it is to remove the filter screen, clean it with detergent, airdry it again, then rinse.

2. How to clean the filter

As we know that the filter is used to filter the waste generated by the metal laser cutting machine. To clean it, you need to remove it, and then clean and replace the filter element.

3. How to clean the dust screen

Dust screen, in terms of metal laser cutting machine processing, there will be a dust prevention equipment, that is, dust screen. For its cleaning plan, an air spray gun is used to perform a preliminary cleaning of the dust on the dust screen, and then a neutral detergent is used to clean it. Remember that it must be neutral, otherwise, it will easily chemically react and cause corrosion.

The above are the three methods of high-efficiency dust removal for metal laser cutting machines. Of course, there are some other dust removal methods that we will talk about later. But there is one thing we must remember that only by doing a good job of dust removal can the metal laser cutting machine run smoothly, so we still need to pay great attention to it!