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What role does the automatic obstacle avoidance function of laser cutting head have?

Published:2020-11-10 Browse:29Editor in charge:DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)

In the process of sheet metal production, wasting plate is by no means a trivial matter. One laser cutting machine worked in a factory for 8 hours per day. It can cut more than 300 panels and totally it will be more than 100,000 panels a year. But because of the immature cutting process and other problems, 0.8-2% of the plates are wasted, and more than 2,000 plates will be wasted in a year! The processing of each sheet requires a lot of manpower, material resources and time costs, so the waste is quite amazing after calculation.

In order to reduce waste and obtain high profits, the most effective way is to use safe, efficient, and high-level cutting technology, so automatic obstacle avoidance technology has been emerged.

What is automatic obstacle avoidance?

During the operation of the laser cutting machine, there is a cutting process and no cut running process. In the path of no cut running, the cut-up workpiece will lift up, which will hinder the safe idling of the cutting head. If the cutting head hits the tilted workpiece and collides with the plate, it will shift the whole plate, so that subsequent cutting cannot be cut correctly according to the set path, and the remaining plate is scrapped. On the other hand, the Laser cutting head is a kind of precision equipment. If the cutting head were collided by the raised workpiece, in severe cases, the cutting head will be damaged. This loss is greater than the scrap of the plate.

In response to this problem, DNE Laser has developed a new process. When the workpiece is upturned, the cutting head can automatically identify and quickly raise it, avoiding obstacles, then quickly and intelligently locate the next workpiece position. This is Automatic obstacle avoidance.

The automatic obstacle avoidance function is equivalent to put a "brain" on the cutting head:

①It reduces the possibility of collision between the cutting head and the workpiece;

②In the cutting process, the continuity of cutting is ensured and the processing efficiency is improved;

③Intelligent positioning to the next workpiece position reduces the possibility of overall displacement of the plate and greatly reduces the waste of the plate;

④; The operation process is simple and intelligent, which reduces the workload of operators and editors.

Safe, efficient, intelligent and worry-free!

A reasonable process must correctly designed and repeatedly tested, which can play a role in guiding production. After twelve years of hard work, DNE Laser has established and possessed a rich and powerful process database, including leapfrog process, automatic obstacle avoidance process, flying cutting process, rapid perforation process, etc. The rich process database has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of laser cutting,  increased the direct benefits, and met the increasingly high-level needs of the sheet metal processing market.