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Some Matters needing attention in the laser cutting

Published:2020-12-30 Browse:6Editor in charge:DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)

Points to note in laser processing of rusty materials

The processing principle of the laser cutting machine is that the material absorbs the laser heat, melts or vaporizes and is blown away by the high-pressure gas to form a slit. However, the absorption of the laser by different materials or materials under different conditions is completely different. In the case of rusty or non-rusty material surfaces, the heat absorption will also be greatly affected.


1. The efficiency will be reduced when the rust plate is cut, the effect is relatively poor, and the scrap rate is high. Therefore, rusty plates should be avoided as much as possible, or the rusty plates should be treated before use.


2. Holes will burst during drilling and cutting, which will pollute the lens. You can use a grinder to remove rust first. If the thickness of the plate does not exceed 5mm, it will have little effect, but it will also increase the product failure rate.


3. The cutting condition of the overall uniform rust plate will be better than the uneven rust plate. Because the uniformly rusted plate absorbs the laser evenly, it can be cut well. For material processing with uneven rust on the surface, make the surface of the material more uniform before cutting.


What should I do after cutting the stainless steel material?

  In the metal cutting process, stainless steel will produce rust after cutting. Users will worry about how to deal with this rust and whether it can be dealt with. In addition, the instantaneous force of the laser on the metal surface is as high as more than two thousand degrees of heat. The temperature of the metal that is melted by the heat also ranges from 1000 to 500 degrees. The metal in this area will oxidize and change color due to heat. Affected the effect of metal processing. So how should we deal with it?

   1. After pickling, it needs to be rinsed and wiped thoroughly with clean water to avoid secondary pollution. You can use a manual polishing machine. A thin layer is easy to throw away.

  2. The stainless steel that is oxidized and discolored at high temperature can be washed off with stainless steel whitening water, and the original white color of stainless steel can be restored by using whitening water.