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The Application of laser processing technology in aero-engine

Published:2021-03-03 Browse:4Editor in charge:DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)

Aeroengines work under extreme conditions of high temperature, high pressure and high speed, and require light weight, low fuel consumption, high reliability and long life. It can be said to be a high-end product integrated with multiple disciplines such as materials, metallurgy, machinery and testing. Especially the precision parts of aero-engine fuel accessories, such as precision valve parts, high-precision gears, racks, oil separators and fuel injectors, etc., some key parts can not meet the technical requirements of the product using traditional mechanical processing technology.

With the rapid development of computer technology and automation technology, laser technology has been gradually applied to fields such as automobiles and aviation. Laser has many advantages, such as monochromatic light, high focus and high energy density, which can generate high temperature. In the processing of precision micro-holes and micro-grooves, it has obvious advantages. Its high energy can vaporize metal instantly, which can effectively prevent processing stress and deformation. .

However, because the high-quality energy area of the laser can only reach 0.2mm, when the hole depth is greater than 0.2mm, the laser technology alone is not enough, and other process methods need to be assisted. The common combination of laser technology and EDM technology.

Application of fuel injection nozzle: The fuel injection nozzle has a small structure, a small size of the oil passage hole groove, a minimum of 0.3mm, and a high accuracy requirement, generally IT5~IT7. The processing of micro holes and micro grooves uses traditional drilling, reaming and milling. The process method is easy to break the tool, produce processing deformation, poor dimensional consistency, and cannot meet the product quality requirements. The use of laser technology or a combination of laser technology and EDM technology can better improve the disadvantages of traditional processes.

Laser technology has the advantages of not requiring tooling, high processing speed, small surface deformation and processing various materials. It has a good application prospect in the processing of new materials for precision parts of aviation engine fuel accessories.