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DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) will participate in the 21st Lijia International Laser Processing Exhibition

Published:2020-02-21 Browse:93Editor in charge:DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)

The 21st Lijia International Laser Processing Exhibition will be held in Chongqing International Expo Center from May 28th to May 31st. DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) is invited to participate. This exhibition is hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation and Chongqing Economic and Information Commission. The theme of this exhibition is "Optimization and Innovation, Polymerization and Quality Change", and is committed to promoting the application of new products, technologies and processes in the industry. Through equipment procurement, on-site product demonstrations, technical exchanges, and economic and trade cooperation, we will create an international, professional, and distinctive manufacturing event. As a well-known manufacturer of laser cutting machines in China, DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) has a huge market influence and market share in the field of laser cutting machines in China. In this exhibition, DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) will also participate in this event with the latest technology, products and a strong lineup, and witness the development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry together with the industry. DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) will bring the most popular professional pipe cutting machine, 6000W laser cutting machine and 15000W ultra-high power laser cutting machine and other products to the exhibition to showcase outstanding solutions of the technology, laser cutting (pipe/tube) and laser research and in other fields, the DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) booth can show the excellent performance of the laser cutting machine through rich live demonstrations and applications.

DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) cutting equipment with fast, accurate and stable design concept, bring more technical innovations for laser cutting: higher performance laser cutting head, faster worktable exchange, more user-friendly machine design ... all will be shown to the audience one by one. Let everyone get close contact with the brand-new laser cutting solutions brought by the innovative technology of DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic), and fully understand the comprehensive technical strength of Bystronic. This time will also show the automation equipment of DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) cutting machine. The application of this automation system can significantly improve the production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of the operator, and save the space occupied by the equipment. this Bystronic cutting machine automation system makes the flow line has reasonable timing to ensure the maximum utilization of equipment, which is also a demonstration of the automation and intelligent achievements of DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic) processing equipment. As a company that has been committed to the development of laser cutting technology, Bystronic has maintained a leading position in laser optics research, laser cutting solutions and other fields with its rich experience, solid technical foundation and extraordinary research and development capabilities. In this exhibition, DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)s are designed to exchange experience, expand contacts with industry partners and customers, display Bystronic research and products in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and demonstrate the professional and technical strength of DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)s . The booth number of Bystronic is N8-8101. Welcome colleagues from the industry to visit us!