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Reasons for rapid rise of water temperature in laser cutting machine

Published:2020-02-24 Browse:119Editor in charge:DNE LASER

Metal laser cutting machine is a high-tech product invented in the era of rapid industrialization. Its advanced technology and processing technology have been widely used in various industries. The birth of laser cutting machines has laid the foundation for industrial development. However, when using a metal laser cutting machine, many operators will find that the metal laser cutting machine heats the water temperature too fast occasionally, and the water plays a key role in the metal laser cutting machine. Next, DNE Laser will talk about the reasons for the rapid rise in water temperature when using metal laser cutting machines.

1. When the metal laser cutting machine is working, the ambient environment temperature around it is too high.

2. The working light intensity of the metal laser cutting machine is too strong.

3. The continuous working time of the metal laser cutting machine is too long, and it is necessary to turn it off and allow it to have a rest properly.

4. The outlet pipe of the cooling water does not reflux normally, causing the water flow not smooth enough.

5. The inlet and outlet pipes of the pump are too dirty, and the water protection is clogged, making the water flow difficult.

The above are the reasons for the rapid rise of the water temperature in the metal laser cutting machine. The method of troubleshooting these abnormalities is very simple, and the operation is not troublesome. If customers do not follow the correct operation method, it may also cause water temperature to rise rapidly and early warning, affecting cutting processing. After learning the above methods, you can solve the problem yourself.