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Cutting principle of fiber laser cutting machine

Published:2021-06-23 Browse:128Editor in charge:DNE LASER

Fiber laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications and can be processed and produced quickly and efficiently with laser. So how does a fiber laser cutting machine use a laser to cut? How is the laser-produced and what is its principle?


The fiber laser cutting machine is divided into inner optics and outer optics.

1. Internal optics

1. Cutting principle

The laser is a laser generator that releases a super-high-density laser beam, which is irradiated on the metal plate by a light spot, and the cutting material is melted or vaporized at a high temperature, and then high-pressure gas is used to blow off the melted melt and residue to achieve cutting. Seam, and then through the X, Y, Z three-axis linkage, so as to achieve cutting.

2. The production of laser

Laser is converted from electrical energy into light energy. At present, the electro-optical conversion rate of fiber lasers is 25%-35%. The better the performance of the laser, the higher the ratio of electro-optical conversion rate. Of course, relatively, the greater the ratio of the electro-optical conversion rate, the lower the energy consumption, and the lower the ratio of the electro-optical conversion rate, the greater its energy consumption.


3. Heat generation

The laser is converted from electrical energy into light energy because the conversion between energy and energy cannot be 100%, so part of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy. When this part of the heat is generated, it will stay in the laser and damage the parts inside the laser. Therefore, it is necessary to take away this part of heat through water circulation, so a chiller is needed.


2. Outer optics

1. Transmission of light

When the fiber laser generator generates light and transmits it to our laser head through the optical fiber, a certain amount of energy will be lost when the optical fiber is connected to the laser head, because the propagation of light is diffusive. This kind of light is also called Diffusion light because light and light are mutually exclusive, so they can be infinitely close, but never intersect, its shape is like a waste. When they are released by the fiber-optic head, they take on a wavy shape.

2. Processing of Waveform Light

Waveform light is not conducive to collecting and concentrating energy, so a collimator is needed to process the wave light close to parallel light, which is certainly not absolute parallel light.

3. The role of the focusing lens

The function of the focusing lens is to collect and concentrate the nearly parallel light to form a super-density light spot.

4. The role of protective lenses

When the fiber laser cutting machine is in use, a certain amount of metal dust and debris will be generated. Some metal dust and debris will enter the cutting head of the laser cutting machine, so you need to protect the lens to isolate and protect the effect.

5. The role of the laser copper nozzle

After the laser passes through the protective lens, it is released through the laser copper nozzle.


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