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The reason for the error of the fiber laser cutting machine in the cutting process

Published:2021-06-23 Browse:3Editor in charge:DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)

Since the advent of the fiber laser cutting machine, productivity in the field of metal processing has been greatly improved. Due to its high precision, small cutting seam, fast speed, and small cutting deformation, the quality of processed products are far better than traditional processing quality. Nowadays, laser cutting equipment accounts for a large proportion of the metal processing industry.

In the process of using the equipment, there will be some problems more or less. The same is true when using a laser cutting machine. For example, during the laser cutting process, the parameters are clearly set, but there are still cutting errors. At this time, we must start from the root of the problem, find the cause, and make adjustments to solve the problem. Let's take a look at the reasons for the error.

1. The product itself has geometric errors. For example, the processed product itself is uneven or has small particles on the surface. The cutting process defaults to setting the cutting data for flat plates. If the surface of the product is uneven, different areas may be unevenly heated during cutting, and the thin plate surface will overheat and melt, while the thick plate The noodles may not melt through. Due to the uneven surface, the laser focus changes randomly with the position of the surface of the processed object and the ideal position.

2. Programming error In fiber laser cutting machine processing, the processing track on the complex curved surface is fitted with straight lines, arcs, etc. There is an error between the fitted curve and the actual curve. These errors result in an error between the relative position of the actual focus and the surface of the processing object and the ideal programming position.

3. The actual thickness of the material exceeds the cutting range. For example, 2000W power equipment can cut carbon steel plates up to 12mm thick. Now it is forced to cut a 14mm carbon steel plate. Even if it can be cut through, there will definitely be errors or slag on the bottom. Therefore, before cutting, you need to determine the thickness of the plate and the thickness that the equipment can actually cut. The quality accuracy beyond the cutting range cannot be guaranteed.

4. in the cutting process of the fiber laser cutting machine, the error of the focus position will also cause errors during cutting. Many factors will change the relative position of the focal point and the product surface, which will also affect the accuracy of the processed product. For example, the clamping method of fixtures, the level of the machine tool itself, the degree of wear of the rack of the machine bed, etc. Check before cutting to reduce errors.