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What are the anti-freezing measures in using the laser cutting machine in winter?

Published:2020-02-24 Browse:11Editor in charge:DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)

The coldest time of a year is coming, the temperature in some areas has dropped to minus zero. People need to wear more clothes, and the laser cutting machine should also be paid attention to antifreeze. In order to avoid the damage of the laser cutting machine due to getting frozen in the cold winter, this winter anti-freezing solution for laser cutting machines must be collected. 

The basic principle of antifreeze is to prevent the cooling liquid in the laser cutting machine from reaching the "freezing point". We have several specific methods shown as followed.

Method 1: Do not turn off the water cooler after the laser cutting machine stops working..

Make sure the power supply will not be cut off (power failure) after the laser cutting machines stop working. Do not turn off the water cooler. Keep the cooling fluid in a circulating flow state, and at the same time we can adjust the conventional temperature to about 10℃. In this way, the cooling fluid temperature will not reach the freezing point, so it will not damage the laser cutting machine.

Method 2: Drain the coolant from the laser cutting machine

Make sure the cooling liquid in each part of the equipment is drained through the drain port of the laser cutting machine. And inject pure gas to ensure that there is no liquid coolant in the entire water circulation cooling system. This method can also ensure that the laser cutting machine will not be damaged by low temperature.

Method 3: Replace the coolant in the laser cutting machine

In winter, we will replace the winter antifreeze in our cars, and in the same way, we can also use antifreeze for vehicles in our cutting machines . However, you must choose a good antifreeze from famous brands, in case the antifreeze contains impurities, which will cause damage to the device if the impurities are stuck in the pipeline of the machines. Antifreeze cannot be used as a perennial substitute for pure water or ionized water. It must be replaced in time after the winter has passed.

The above-mentioned methods play a very important role in whether the laser cutting machine can work normally in winter and the equipment safety. The first two methods are recommended. Method 1 is time-saving and effort-saving, but if there is a sudden power outage, it may cause damage to the laser cutting machine. Method 2 is laborious and a waste of resources. But it is indeed safer and more effective than the other two methods.


In the second year, to improve the use efficiency of the laser cutting machine better, before operating the laser cutting machine, we should start the mechanical equipment and check the whole machine first. All oils and coolants should be prepared for replacement. They should be prepared and replaced in time and the cause of deterioration should be identified.