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Five core technologies and development trends of all-fiber lasers

Published:2020-12-17 Browse:2Editor in charge:DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)

Special fiber technology

All-fiber lasers need to use a variety of special fibers such as double-clad active fibers, double-clad photosensitive fibers, energy transmission fibers, etc. With the continuous increase of output power, the technical requirements for special fibers are getting higher and higher. Therefore, special The development of optical fibers will play an important role in the development of fiber lasers. A new generation of special fibers represented by photonic crystal fibers will gradually be applied in the development of fiber lasers. The development of special optical fibers will make active optical fibers have higher gains, withstand greater power density, and absorb pump light more effectively; it will make the production of gratings easier, and the stability of the gratings will be better. The use of lasers is more extensive; it will enable energy transmission fibers to transmit higher power, high-power lasers can be transmitted longer distances, and the wavelength range that can be transmitted continues to expand; it will make pump coupling easier to achieve and bearable The pump power is higher, the loss is smaller and so on.


Cladding pump coupling technology

The cladding pump coupling technology of all-fiber lasers has an inestimable role in determining the performance and level of fiber lasers. The fiber pump coupling devices and fiber power combining devices used for high-power all-fiber lasers are used under very high power conditions. The coupling efficiency must be high, the loss must be small, and the power it can bear must be large, and, The number of input light paths needs to be as many as possible. Under so many extreme conditions, it is very difficult to make high-quality pump coupling devices and power combining devices. However, the implementation methods and methods also occupy a variety of ways, which is a challenging technology. From the perspective of the development trend of high-power all-fiber lasers, it is also required that the pump coupling device couples the pump light to the inner cladding without affecting and damaging the core of the double-clad fiber as much as possible. In the case of signal laser generation and transmission, cascade pumping is realized to achieve ultra-high power output.


Fiber grating technology

In all-fiber lasers, the current role of fiber gratings is to reflect the signal laser in the core to form a resonant cavity. However, with the further development of fiber laser technology, fiber gratings will have new uses in fiber lasers. The production technology of the company presents new challenges. One of the directions worthy of attention is the production of high-quality fiber gratings on large-diameter multimode fibers.


Diode Pump Laser Technology

Diode pump lasers are the key components of fiber lasers, which are of vital importance to the reliability, life and production cost of the fiber. The development of a single wide light-emitting region and long life semiconductor pump laser has become a type of semiconductor pump laser for fiber lasers. The trend is to continuously increase the output power of a single laser, continuously reduce costs, and further improve reliability. Among them, improving and innovating the packaging structure should be the core work, because the current packaging cost is still very high.


Fiber laser cutting machine technology

The whole machine design and production of all-fiber lasers involves a lot of knowledge, content, technology, craftsmanship, and experience. It is the core and most critical technology in the design and production of all-fiber lasers, especially in the development history of new high-power all-fiber lasers Today, which is still quite short, there is still a lot of groundbreaking work to be done. The design and production of the entire fiber laser machine not only requires a reasonable design for the application, but also shoulders the responsibility of improving and innovating the structure and scheme of the entire machine, as well as the important components and key technologies.


Currently, IPG and Raycus are among the laser manufacturers that have done better in global grating stability and other technologies. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bystronic, DNE Laser has always strictly screened laser suppliers and carried out rigorous matching tests to achieve the best cutting performance. This is why we only choose IPG and RAYCUS as our laser strategic partners.