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Advantages of laser flexible processing

Published:2021-03-30 Browse:4Editor in charge:DNE Laser (Member of Bystronic)

Laser processing itself has very good flexibility:

  1. The laser itself is a relatively simple and easy-to-control device. If the beam generated by it is collected into a very thin beam, it can be cut; if it is defocused, it can be welded; if it is defocused, it can be heat treated.

  2. Using laser processing, not only the processing speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the cost is low, but also the replacement of molds or props is avoided, and the production preparation time period is shortened. It is easy to realize continuous processing, the laser beam transposition time is short, and the production efficiency is improved. It can be installed alternately for a variety of workpieces. When a workpiece is processed, the completed parts can be removed and the workpiece to be processed can be installed to realize parallel processing, reduce installation time and increase laser processing time.

  3. The laser beam adopts direct driving and guiding method. The laser can rotate, tilt, move up and down, left and right, and can process the vertical surface and complex surface of the workpiece; and the direct drive has no idle stroke and high accuracy. Combining the control of the laser with the robot, using the robot to move or flip the parts under the beam in a multi-axis manner, it is possible to process some parts that are difficult to process with traditional methods.

  4. Adopting multi-level quick-response anti-collision measures. When the beam guiding device touches the workpiece, the motion system immediately stops, so that the system is not damaged, avoiding expensive maintenance; it can quickly and easily resume work after a collision, reducing the collision caused The downtime of the laser system improves the processing efficiency and reliability of the laser system.

  5. The laser head can move freely. At present, the laser head has reached 5 motion axes. Even if the workpiece remains fixed during processing, it can still realize the processing of complex workpieces. Moreover, as long as the movable rotating table is used, it can process larger than the axis stroke. Components. The laser beam adopts automatic focus control, and the linear axis of the laser system can be positioned along the optical axis or any axis to keep the beam focused; the focus position can be accurately known at any time, and the stroke is unlimited.